Local Stuff

Usually, I like to read a local paper in different cities justice he would news is going on. One of my favorite studies has to do with sharks, in looking at the Hawaii Maui news, it appears that a tiger shark bit of body boarder on ballot Maui. This individual is 29 years old and the shark is said to be at least 12 foot long. After this they decided to close the beach and if you do not see any more sharks they will reopen the beach tomorrow. Although there does not seem to be quite a few shark attacks, when it does happen it really is heartbreaking to read about. However, the good news about this attack is that there was no life-threatening injuries to the individual they got bit. This is always good news

Looking for More Meaning

In life, I usually try to look for more meaning in what I do on a daily basis. For instance, I will usually try to get up a little more earlier and try to get a little more done that I usually will on a weekly basis. There are a few times that I feel that I should get up earlier than 5am in order to get done what I need done.

On my list when I get up is a little reading, and when I am reading I am thiking about my other projects. I think this “stirring” in my mind is that fact that I have so many things on my plate that I am not sure that I have the time to do what I required of me on a daily basis. As a result of this, there are many things that I feel unsure about, but at the same time there are many things that I get done on a daily basis. Perhaps this is what people say when they do not necessary have a quitting time, but a time when they site back and relax and decide that they may or may not continue their work. Again, I also run into this as well. I just ran across a question on Yahoo Answers where a few people replied with their favorites pastimes. Lots of fun things that people are doing. I have never relaly gotten into Badmitten before. That is a video from youtube of a Badmiton championship.

Anyway, I came across this easy scholarships vid too, but are they really easy? who knows, my work starts in 10 mins. I will update soon!




Finding The Time

lately, I have been so busy with school that it has been a little more difficult than what I had originally thought to get some I work done on what I do on the side.On the side I’m a carpenter, and I truly enjoy what I do for living. I decided to go back to school because I wanted to get a better degree as well as a better job. I am not sure I’llbe able to keep up the carpentry work because I’m in a small town by would like to move to a larger town even though I may not use the degree that I’m going to get, I know that it shows a lot of stick to witness if I’m able to get a degree and show people that I can finish something.

at least ,this is what I have always been told.

I know that sounds strange, me repeating something even though I am an adult but it does ring true with me because I do feel as though once I finish my for your degree that I can go into any carpentry office and show them that I have a degree in also show that I skills. so, have another 2 1/2 years to go and I am very excited about what lies ahead.

Toys, Toys, Toys

In some of our classes we have decided to study the issue of consumer debt in United States.  We were studying how many toys Americans bought per year on average basis. These stats I think you will find extremely interesting. Conversely, we also found sites that seem to address the issue to eliminate credit card debt after Americans have spent so much on debt Right now, we do not have any comments on this at this moment, but we did find quite interesting with how many toys I bought especially during this time of year. I think you’ll find the statistics are interesting too.


And, this post, I think you will interesting about taking toys away.


This last week, We decided to take a small trip to the mountains. On the way we decided also to stop by and get a couple of Mountain Dew’s answer tips to munch on. Although I have been on a diet for the last six weeks during these last few weeks I have lost about 10 pounds another 10 pounds I think that the last two or three of them just came on. And so, wasn’t really too excited about driving up to the mountains and eating food the way but I did. Needless to say, when I came back I immediately jogged for moms in order to run off some of the junk food than eight on the way up there. However, during a trip it was really nice because we saw quite a bit of scenery that I had not expected to see. For example, we were able to see some of the leaves change and receiving stolen some of the mountains. Now, we were on quite high of elevation and so it was very easy to get types know that we are looking for. Here are a couple pictures.



Hello , I am very happy to be here finally blogging. Wow, this last year was a good one, we had tons of challenges and we had a lot of things happen and sometimes I did not know if I should be happy or if I should cry. But regardless, I am out of it right now and I am looking forward to a better year this next year.

Here are a few highlights I found on the net that I though you would like.

I love this sport!